Books I Want to Read

Here is the list of books I want to read. They are not necessarily in any particular order. Some of them I own, some of them I am planning on borrowing, and others I saw at a bookstore and am planning on going back to buy. Others are on my bookshelf and I have no idea how they got there, but I might as well just give them a shot anyway.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on books on the list, feel free to let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think and add any books that you think I would enjoy.

  • The Help – Kathryn Stockett (recommended by everybody and their mom – eiw, why did I just write that. I hate that phrase.)
  • The Funny Thing Is … – Ellen DeGeneres
  • The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin (recommended by Caitlin and Ayesha)
  • You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought – Peter McWilliams (recommended to me by an aunt who is fighting against cancer)
  • Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie
  • Carolina Moon – Nora Roberts (because sometimes you need a good romance novel)
  • Family Album – Penelope Lively
  • The Land of Mango Sunsets – Dorthea Benton Frank
  • The Starter Wife – Gigi Levangie Grazer
  • Howards End – E.M. Forster
  • Tara Road – Maeve Binchy
  • Straight Talking – Jane Green
  • Best Friends Forever – Jennifr Weiner
  • Under the Tuscan Sun – Frances Mayes
  • You Can’t Get There from Here – Gayle Forman
  • The Woman Who Fell from the Sky – Jennifer Steil (recommended by my mom)
  • 1984 – George Orwell (I have two copies of this on my bookshelf. I guess that means I should definitely read it?)
  • Reading Lolita in Tehran – Azar Nafisi
  • Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher
  • The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger
  • The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald (I haven’t read it. I know, it’s a travesty.)
  • The Lost – Daniel Mendelsonhn
  • Girl Meets God – Lauren F. Winner
  • Until We Meet Again: A True Story of Love and Survival in the Holocaust – Michael Korenbilt
  • Ordinary Men – Christopher Browning
  • Witness: Voices from the Holocaust – Joshua M. Greene and Shiva Kumar
  • Pursuit of Happiness – Douglas Kennedy
  • Science Fair Season – Judy Dutton

If you want to see other books I want to read, or to give me book recommendations, click here to see my Goodreads list. Or just leave me a comment. That works too 🙂


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